Flip over as many cards as you can! Match 4 cards at a time using any of 4 types of matches in 4 possible ways and all in under 4 minutes & 4 seconds.

Challenge your friends in the most cleverly challenging card game in the world! Swipe any of the 4 rows of cards to quickly match cards on the same column, diagonally, on the same row, or any box of 4.

Same Column
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Earn points by matching 4 cards on the same column in any of the 4 available columns.

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Earn even more points by matching cards diagonally going up from left to right or going down from right to left.

Same Row
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Be on the lookout! Get lucky and find 4 matching cards on the same row and we'll double your total points!

Box of 4
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Triple your total points and score big by finding 4 matching cards anywhere that together make the shape of a box.

And finally, there are 4 ways to match cards. You can match by finding cards with the same rank only, same rank + same suit, cards in rank order, or cards in rank order + same suit.

Match By Rank
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You can match by finding 4 cards with the same rank (or value) only. Earn more points by matching cards that share the same rank and same suit (Spades, Hearts, Diamonds, or Clubs).

Match by Order
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Get creative and match cards by their rank (or value) in either increasing or decreasing order only. Earn more points when the ordered cards share the same suit.

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"This game is just loads of fun. Once you start playing you just can't stop. Play to beat your own score or challenge your friends!"

Collins Ngati, Biggest Fan